Organic Waste Collection

At Inglis we believe that food waste and organic waste of any kind, does not belong in the landfill. We as consumers can play a significant role in “nutrient cycling” with our efforts to ensure that organic waste is composted.

In Edmonton, we have the benefit of an internationally recognized waste management system and one of the largest composting facilities in North America. Let’s take advantage of it! The commercial organic waste stream is a significant portion of the material still going to landfill, mostly based on collection systems. We are here to change that practice by offering businesses, restaurants, hotels, conference facilities and any other generator of organic waste, the dedicated services and containers to separate and collect their compostable material.


Put your waste diversion strategy into practice today by initiating an organics collection program. You can have a “Green Plan” that is based on action and that results in a high quality soil amendment that returns those valuable nutrients to the soil where they belong.
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